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Satterwhite is a chicago plastic surgeon from inside the San francisco bay area works entirely with transgender and you will low-digital patients

Satterwhite is a chicago plastic surgeon from inside the San francisco bay area works entirely with transgender and you will low-digital patients

Dr. Dr. Satterwhite is actually panel-specialized from the Western Panel away from Cosmetic plastic surgery. He performs multiple methods of Most readily useful Procedures, in addition to Face and the entire body Masculinization strategies. Read more »

Dr. Dev Gurjala

Dr. Gurjala are a panel-official cosmetic surgeon into the San francisco bay area just who functions entirely which have transgender and non-digital patients. Ahead of signing up for Line-up Medical Couples in the 2019, Dr. Gurjala did intercourse surgery, microsurgery, and general reconstructive and you can aesthetic businesses for five ages regarding Kaiser Permanente program. Dr. Gurjala performs both Better and you can Bottom Surgeries. Read more »

Dr. Angela Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez was a section-authoritative chicago plastic surgeon during the San francisco which just after 14 years of craniofacial, artistic and you may pediatric plastic surgery feel has started to become loyal fulltime in order to sex-affirming operations. Dr. Rodriguez offered for many years due to the fact Cosmetic surgery Movie director of craniofacial anomalies medical center on Area Children’s Healthcare during the California in advance of as an intercourse Physician. Find out more »

Dr. Heidi Wittenberg

Dr. Wittenberg are a talented Urogynecologist and you may reconstructive pelvic surgeon into the San Francisco just who works solely with trans and you can low-binary people, offering Hysterectomy and you can Metoidioplasty. Dr. Wittenberg is the movie director away from MoZaic Care, and that focuses on sex affirming vaginal and you may pelvic operations, and you may a founder Surgeon and you can Co-Director into the first SRC accredited Cardio of Excellence when you look at the Intercourse Confirmation Procedures, at Greenbrae Procedures Center. Read more »

Dr. Walter Lin

Dr. Lin is a cosmetic surgeon who performs Finest Procedures in the San francisco bay area Transgender Procedures Institute. Shortly after his academic training at the MIT, Harvard and UCSF, Dr. Lin done a year-a lot of time fellowship in hand, Microvascular, and you may Transgender Procedures at Buncke Clinic. He’s got become undertaking intercourse-affirming procedures since 2017. Read more »

Dr. Mark Youssef

Dr. Youssef’s medical experiences, his trans-amicable employees, in addition to their common aim of making their change simpler are only a few good reason why he is an ideal choice to have trans people and you will intercourse-nonconforming customers trying Finest Procedures when you look at the Southern California. Find out more »

Dr. Bauback Safa

Dr. Safa is a very educated Microsurgeon as well as the Scientific Manager out-of the new Bay area Transgender Institute, a multiple-disciplinary center that gives FTM Bottom Businesses. As 2012, Dr. Safa and his team provides performed more than 700 gender-affirming Phalloplasties–without cases of over flap losses–symbolizing one of the greatest skills in the world. Find out more »

Dr. Mang Chen

Dr. Chen was a beneficial Reconstructive Urologist who’s a specialist inside FTM Bottom Operations. Dr. Chen has performed countless Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty and you can related surgeries, and has gained an excellent profile regarding trans community for his experienced and compassionate care. Dr. Chen work RFF & ALT Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty, and you may relevant actions, particularly Scrotoplasty and urological fixes. Read more »

Dr. Andrew Watt

Dr. Watt was a talented Microsurgeon focusing on FTM Phalloplasty within the San Francisco. Dr. Watt could have been undertaking Sex-Affirming Operations while the he joined the country-distinguished Buncke Clinic in 2012. He’s did numerous Phalloplasty and relevant operations together with his team as the and that’s being among the most done Phalloplasty doctors during the the U.S. Find out more »

Dr. Manish Champaneria

Dr. Champaneria was panel-formal because of the American Panel of Cosmetic surgery features comprehensive education and you will expertise in tits and face procedures. He’s a different interest in sex-affirming Finest Procedures. Dr. Champaneria techniques in Hillcrest, California. Read more »

Dr. Josef Hadeed

Dr. Hadeed try a board-certified doctor exactly who performs Girls-to-Men operations procedures regarding the La town. Dr. Hadeed’s FTM Procedures qualities were Greatest Procedures, Human body Toning and Facial Masculinization Businesses (FMS.) Based in Beverly Slopes, the guy allows insurance coverage and you can Medicare. Read more »